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Personal Information

My name is Otto Moerbeek. I work as a software developer.


In my spare time, I participate in the development of OpenBSD, a FREE, multi-platform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system, which emphasizes portability, standardization, correctness, proactive security and integrated cryptography.

My contributions to OpenBSD include major work on utilities like patch(1) and diff(1), new versions of dc(1) and bc(1), privilege separated tcpdump(8), work on ntpd(8) and kernel time code, unwind(8), large partition and ffs2 support, a complete rewrite of malloc(3) which has many nice features, work on the OpenBSD/loongson port, lots of bug fixes in almost every area, code auditing and more.

Some years ago I have been working on code to replace the now defunct Enecsys PV monitoring site. My php script listens to the Enecsys gateway and sends data to and optionally MySQL.


My PGP public keys can be found on PGP keyservers or here. My old key has id 2FB7A5A3, its fingerprint is
  13F7 EB00 14D7 7810 88DA  CDDE DBF1 B5AB 2FB7 A5A3
and this is my new key. Its id is FC66876E, its fingerprint is
  F4DE D567 E973 C1C5 C702  141E EF22 9599 FC66 876E
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